Introducing the Literature Evangelist course

You are warmly invited to enroll for this new online course called “Like a Mighty Army” to learn about the continuing effectiveness of sharing literature.  

(New course to be released August 2021; to register please Contact Us.)

Each day, Literature Evangelists witness evidence of God’s leading as they visit homes that are searching for hope and as they build relationships of trust.  Watch this video to understand the potential of Literature Evangelism in this generation – 

If you are just interested to know more about the work of Literature Evangelists (LEs) or if you sense a conviction to join the LE team, this course is the best starting point. (There’s also helpful information on our FAQ page.)

This course is a self-paced 13-study series – the first 3 studies are a great overall introduction to the practical and spiritual nature of Literature Evangelism.

Throughout this course, you will ‘meet’ some of our LEs and hear their testimonies and encouragement as they share stories and lessons in their work as Literature Evangelists; and as you progress, we will partner you with Senior LE mentors.

Each study refers to the book “Colporteur Ministry” – a compilation of statements by Ellen White in relation to the work of Literature Ministry. This can be read online or a copy can be purchased from Hope Shop . (“Colporteur” was once a well-known title; it is a word describing someone who distributes books and magazines.)

If you’re interested to participate in this course, click below to start the “Like a Mighty Army” course, and we’ll respond promptly with an email and a link to Study 1.

Studies 1-3 – introducing the spiritual and practical work of Literature Evangelism – are completely free with no obligations.

If you would like to continue further after Study 3, a one-off charge of only $70 will entitle you to continue Studies 4-13 for the different types of Literature Evangelism methods, plus over a dozen specialty Masterclasses. Any questions? You are most welcome to Contact Us.

In this 2-minute video, Sone Mariner looks back on the influence of Literature Evangelism in his life. Sone is the SE QLD Literature Ministries Team Leader –

(Original clip to be sourced – play from 53.45 to 55.33)

To the glory of God “… Who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us …” Ephesians 3:20

Sharing ministry alongside you –

The Literature Ministry team

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In the current technological environment, it is relatively easy to shut down a radio, TV or internet broadcast, but it is quite another matter to confiscate books scattered among millions of people.

The Printed Prophets

p27 Lemuel Olan Jiminez 2013