Join Literature Ministry

missional sharing book for Distribution Month in May 2022

Steps to Jesus

Share free literature and media

  • Discover more with these new 10 Ideas to Share Literature
  • Share hope-filled tracts – make it your habit to share tracts wherever you go
  • Share pocket books – keep a supply of pocket books to share anytime
  • Share hope online – share hope worldwide through your social media
  • Impact Month – get involved in sharing the Mission Book of the Year during the literature impact month of May
  • Be a Literature Champion – encourage your local church to develop a plan to share literature, and teach members to share literature and their personal God stories.
  • Total Member Involvement (TMI) – team up for the annual Literature Impact Day with the ‘Mission Book of the Year’ or distribute literature anytime with your church family!
  • Info packs are available for your church to explore literature-sharing ideas, how to start, where to get literature, catalogues, establishing a Literature Champion and TMI, and training opportunities for members.

GLOW tracts for online – see above ‘Share Hope online’

Live More Happy booklets – 60 per carton

Group activities with other young people

Join a student literature evangelism or Youth Rush camp event with like-minded young people and students.  Visit homes and businesses to share at-the-door with an easily learn canvass, earning money from the books sold and changing lives for eternity.

Sell literature and media as a self-supporting ministry

Regular LE ministry is a relational approach to sharing books and other media.  Suitable for part-time and career LEs.

Jump Start is a quick way to become an Literature Evangelist (LE), selling inspirational small books for cash at the door.

Book Parties / Workshops – guests will enjoy being involved in a creative hands-on workshop or book party facilitated by you using God’s books in all areas of health, which they can later purchase.

Pop Up Bookstores allow you to meet people in a variety of neutral venues including shopping centres and local fairs.  Follow up on interests. Build friendships. Grow your circle of influence. A vibrant way to share truth.

Pacific Islands Literature Ministry supports the vibrant team of LE’s in the Islands.