Youth Rush

Youth Rush is an exciting Literature Evangelism program designed for youth and young adults. Youth Rush programs run in the winter and summer holidays and uni breaks.

At Youth Rush you will receive specialized training in the ministry of Literature Evangelism, offering books for a donations in return on the topics of physical, mental and spiritual health. The donations you collect will go to cover the costs of the program, fund future programs and the rest will be returned to support you! Each day is filled with worship, training, door to door sales, community service and Bible studies. On Sabbaths the team will go to a local church and share the powerful testimonies experienced during the week. Sundays are spent in fun activities such as hikes, outings and other fun activities.

So join a Youth Rush near you and develop your skills in sharing faith, community engagement and personal growth while expanding the Kingdom of God. This is your opportunity to experience front-line mission work, be in an encouraging spiritual environment and even make some money!

Check below for an event near you!



June 18 – 30, 2023

North NSW

July 2 – 16, 2023 (Kempsey)
Sept 24 – Oct 8, 2023 (Muswellbrook)
December 3 -15, 2023 (TBA)

Western Australia

July 2 – 16, 2023
December 3 – 15, 2023

South Queensland

November 26 – December 15, 2023


December 3 – 16, 2023

North New Zealand

December 11 -21, 2023

Greater Sydney

December 3 -15, 2023

South Australia

January 10 – 24, 2023


What is Youth Rush?

Youth Rush Australia is a summer Student Literature Evangelism program open to all youth and young people. Participants learn how to distribute literature door-to-door and share books such as Foods that Heal, Steps To Christ, The Great Controversy and many more together with like-minded youth.

Literature Evangelism is the process of sharing Christ with others through the printed page and has been an integral way Seventh-day Adventist’s have fulfilled the Great Commission since the birth of the advent movement. Literature Evangelism can take many forms from sharing free literature (tracts, pocket books, Mission Book of the Year etc) to selling literature as a self-supporting ministry.

Ellen White’s book Colporteur Ministry ( contains much valuable counsel regarding Literature Evangelism. Literature Evangelism in the South Pacific Division is supported by the Adventist Media Literature Ministry department and helpful information can be accessed at

Are Youth Rush events being held in the school holidays?

Yes! See the list of events above.

How long is Youth Rush?

Conference Youth Rush events vary in length, but generally are between two and four weeks.

If I live nearby, can I stay at home?

All participants are required to stay at the church or university campus with their assigned program for the entire duration. Group activities and daily community provides interaction and bonding with other spiritual young people serving God. You will make new friends!

What is the weekly schedule?

Each day starts with worship, breakfast and training and then time on the doors getting out books. After lunch more time will be spent on the doors, followed by dinner and free time. Will there be any free time? Yes, there is free time each evening after dinner and on the weekends.

What is the cost?

No fee is required to attend Youth Rush. The Youth Rush program is supported by funds from Literature Ministry. Part of the money raise through donations received for the books goes towards covering some of the costs. Participants receive a scholarship based on the amount of books they get out and donations they collect. Please refer to your local Conference Youth Rush website above for further details as scholarship arrangements may vary by conference.

After completing two weeks of a Youth Rush program, participants who are currently studying Ministry at Avondale or who choose to study Ministry at Avondale, will also have the opportunity to apply for a Student Literature Evangelism Scholarship.