Equipping You

Equipping You

Sharing hope through Literature

Next Session: Leadership, part 2

Friday November 27, 7pm–9pm AEST

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Would you like to learn how to be more effective in using literature to share hope with your community?  This is your chance to learn from seasoned leaders, social media specialists and marketing experts to take your literature evangelism to the next level. From the 13th of November to 6th December, we’re providing training sessions especially designed to equip you — local church members and all those involved in Literature Ministry.

There is something for everyone.  Starting with sessions to empower Church members to connect with their community and share their faith easily!

From Sunday onwards the specific training for Literature Evangelists and those preparing to become an LE will transition to joining on the live Zoom Webinar.

If you are a Conference Administrator or Pastor interested in building a missional partnership with Literature Ministry we invite you to join the following Conference leaders Zoom meetings.


Church MembersLiterature EvangelistsConference Leaders
“Sharing Made Easy”

“Sharing Made Easy”
“Back to Basics”, part 1
Leadership, part 1
Sunday 22/11
2pm – 5pm
“Back to Basics”, part 2

Leadership, part 2
Friday 27/11
7pm – 9pm
Tuesday 1/12
8am – 10am
Tuesday 1/12
8am – 10am
Tuesday 1/12
8am – 10am
LE Ministry
Thursday 3/12
10am – 5pm
LE Awards
Sunday 6/12
4pm – 5pm

Further details are available in the full agenda.

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Training 2020 Registration
Church Member Involvement – Live a lifestyle of sharing and share books wherever you go.
Jump Start – Quick way to become an LE, selling inspirational small books for cash at the door.
Regular LE – Ministry is a relational approach to sharing books and other media.
Pop-up Bookstores – Meet people in a variety of neutral venues including schools and shopping centres.
Workshops – Hands-on workshops or book parties using books as a resource that guests can purchase.
Students – Missional groups of young people sharing books at the door with an easy canvass.
Conference Leader – Partnership with Literature Ministry leaders and Personal Ministries Directors.
Which programs are you interested in?


Terry Goltz

Pastor and former Publishing Director

Stephen Apola

GC Associate Publishing Director

Brad Kemp

CEO, Adventist Media

Greg Pratt

Church Support and Development Director

Harley Southwell

Associate Pastor and former Student LE

Brenton Lowe

Literature Ministry Coordinator (AU/NZ)

Tim McTernan

Marketing & Sales Manager

Tony Wall

Literature Ministry Coordinator (Islands)

Andrew Irvine

Signs Publishing General Manager

Sonia Knight

Signs Publishing Distribution Manager

Russell George

Bible Instructor

Wayne Boehm

Evangelism Manager

Sandy Wallis

Literature Evangelist & School Chaplain

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