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From simply sharing truth-filled literature or considering Literature Evangelism, find out what’s involved. (Our FAQ page also has helpful information.)

Uncover the powerful, proven effectiveness of sharing literature with stories from the past and the present; its soul-winning success continues to this day.

There are practical skills, demonstration techniques and more to strengthen your confidence in sharing literature, and Bible promises to claim as you respond to the interest God has placed in your heart.

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Learn about the practical and spiritual work of an LE

Here’s some more helpful information –

The course, entitled “Like a Mighty Army”, is self-paced with 13-studies that can be completed at your pace, with no obligation.

The first 3 studies are free and are a great overall introduction.

More information about Studies 1-3

Study 1Who are Literature Evangelists? the first literature evangelists, the Reformation, the first SDA LEs, a spiritual work, why would you want to be involved? what is its relevance today? your work is esteemed in heaven

Study 2The practical side of LE ministry, Jesus’ care in opening conversations, why not give-away literature? income, purchases & deliveries, the best approach, are people at home these days? working in a COVID world, new methods of work, be constantly improving

Study 3The spiritual side of LE ministry, conviction brought by an LEs visit, success is not by chance, the Gospel Commission, promises of Divine strength

To study further, a once-only charge of only $70 entitles you to Studies 4-13 and later, specialty Masterclasses.

More information about Studies 4-13

Study 4 – The approach & the introduction

Study 5 – The demonstration

Study 6 – Your voice and the Close

Study 7 – Making it easy to buy

Study 8 – Setting goals and self-management

Study 9 – Territory, customer database & deliveries

Study 10 – Reporting

Study 11 – Be an evangelist

Study 12 – Finances, Bugeting & Taxation

Study 13 – In summary, remember …

Each study refers to the book “Colporteur Ministry” – a compilation of statements by Ellen White in relation to the work of Literature Ministry. This can be read online or a copy can be purchased from Hope Shop to mark up your own copy. (“Colporteur” was once a well-known title; it is a word describing someone who distributes books and magazines.)

Each day, Literature Evangelists (LEs) witness the evidence of God’s leading as they share literature with contacts, and build relationships of trust. 

Watch this 6-minute video, with Sam from the General Conference, to learn about the variety and potential of Literature Evangelism in this generation – 

As you study, you will ‘meet’ some of the SPD LEs and hear their testimonies and encouragement. During the course, you will be invited to complete the LE application. And as you progress, we will partner you with an LE mentor.

Any questions? Simply Contact Us – we welcome your questions.

You are warmly invited to enroll for this online course. 

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The Literature Ministry team

Based at Adventist Media, WAHROONGA, SYDNEY NSW.

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Learn about the practical and spiritual work of an LE