Total Member Involvement


Total Member involvement is available in Australia and New Zealand

What is involved?

  • Read a book and share it.
  • Carry GLOW tracts in your pocket and handbag.
  • Literature Distribution is an easy way that anyone can get involved in sharing their faith.

Total Member Involvement is ideal for people who want to:

  • Volunteer to be involved in the the distribution of the missional book of the year.
  • Be a literature champion in your local church.
  • Give the gift of of hope by sharing a topical book or tract that meets people’s needs.

How you can be a vital connection in a person’s life

There is a lot of good information out there to help people live healthy and happy lives but the problem is that many people lack the motivation to get it and use it. Loneliness, depression and sickness are key blockers that prevent people from taking a positive step in their life.

Your Gift could be:

  • The means of connecting them with the life-saving information they desperately need
  • The opportunity for a person to break free from whatever is blocking them and step into a new life-changing direction
  • You can be their invitation to accept Jesus as their personal Saviour.

Sharing Hope web site and mobile apps

Sharing Hope makes available all sharing books from previous years, with topics ranging from spiritual to health issues. Included is the Conflict of the Ages book series that deals with the origin of sin and God’s remedy. GLOW tracts are also included. The web site and mobile apps allows users to download and share entire books, tracts or portions of both books and tracts through email and social media.