Impact Day 2021

Every year, on a designated (impact) day, church members participate in a massive global literature distribution in their communities. Each year, the church produces a small easy to read book that addresses areas of concern such as Spiritual, Family, Health or Emotional need. The main purpose of the impact day is to bring ‘Hope’ to the community.

For the first time in recent history, every conference within Australia and New Zealand will unite in this exciting global mission with a local Signs produced Mission Book for a May impact day/month. Together through prayer and sharing with their community, God can use His church to reach 1 million souls this year.

This is your opportunity to pre-order an exciting new sharing resource at special prices and join the movement to share hope in 2021.

“Give someone the courage to endure the challenges of life by gifting them this timely word. It will inspire them with the everlasting hope we have in our Lord Jesus.”

Eddie Tupai

“The on-going challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic are creating questions in people’s minds. How can I cope?  What is the future?  Where is their hope?  “Hope for Troubled Times” answers these questions in a relevant and Biblical way.  The current environment makes it easier to share such a significant book as this.”

Glenn Townend

2021 Mission Book                                                                     



These emotions can overwhelm and consume us. They fill our minds with unanswerable questions. What will I lose? My health? My family? My job? My home? Will our lives ever be normal again? What is “normal”? We live in a sin-sick world. Catastrophes surround us, but we can surrender our fears to Jesus. He is the answer to overwhelming fears that consume our energy, rob our joy, and ruin our health. Fear is an attitude, and focus is a choice.

Fear must give way to faith as we adjust our focus.

Join Adventists all around the world in the movement to share Hope for Troubled Times, a special 2021 Mission Book project written by Mark Finley with the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath in mind. Let your heart soar with new hope and share it with your friends, neighbours and colleagues. They will thank you for it in eternity.

Features of this new book include:

  • A topical resource to make sharing hope with your community easy.
  • Journey from worry, anxiety and fear to a life of faith.
  • Bridging from pandemics to prophecy.
  • Discover salvation through the grace of Christ.
  • Thriving in life’s toughest times.
  • Staying healthy in a sick world.
  • How to survive when the economy collapses.
  • A place of eternal security.
  • Connect to the local Hope Channel and the Adventist Discovery Centre.
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NEW Australian & New Zealand edition

To get an idea of what the book contains, refer to this digital copy of the book.

Please place your order below by Sunday February 28 to take advantage of this special offer to resource your churches and to share the good news and hope in Jesus. We plan to have the book available by April for distribution to conferences and churches for use in the lead up to the Australia & New Zealand wide impact day/month in May.

The production of this book and tract has been supported with funding from the Literature Ministry Committee, which means we can offer the subsidised pricing below in the context of the church’s focus on providing resources for church members, churches and church entities to share in their communities.

Hope for Troubled Times – 2021 Mission book

Please check with your Conference. They can advise if they plan to coordinate bulk orders or if you need to order directly.

Bulk orders to a Conference

  • Combine your church’s order with that of other churches in your Conference for a cheaper price. Place your church’s order using the Conference order form or contact your Personal Ministries director/Literature Ministry leader.
  • Minimum combined Conference order of 25 cartons (1500 books).
  • Single bulk delivery to a Conference office/Literature Ministry leader.
  • Single invoice to the Conference for the total cost of all orders.


  • Pricing per carton of 60 books: AUD 132 ex GST. (shipping included)


  • Pricing per carton of 60 books: AUD 132 ex GST/VAT. (plus shipping)

Individual orders

  • Minimum order quantity: 60 books (carton)


  • Pricing per carton of 60 books: AUD 198 inc GST. (shipping included)


  • Send your order to your local church, conference Literature Ministry leader or Personal Ministry Director.

Choose Hope Tract

Contains a free book offer for Hope for Troubled Times and an offer to connect for prayer.

  • Price per pack of 100 tracts: AUD 6.00 ex GST plus shipping cost
  • Minimum order quantity: 20 packs
  • Free shipping on orders of 250 packs or more (Australia only)

We look forward to receiving your orders and thank you for your support of this mission project.

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