Impact Day – May

Literature Distribution Month

Together, through prayer and sharing literature, God can use His church to share hope with 50,000 souls.

Every year, the global church produces a small easy-to-read book that addresses areas of concern such as spiritual, family, health or emotional need. Each year, on a designated impact day, church members are encouraged to participate in a massive global literature distribution in their communities. The main purpose of the impact day is to bring hope to the community.

This May, for the first time in recent history, every conference within Australia and New Zealand will unite in this exciting global mission to share Hope For Troubled Times, written by Mark Finley. The mission book was written with the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath in mind, concentrating on providing spiritual answers to people’s questions about the future.

This year, your conference can choose between participating in the Impact Day on May 15 or Impact Month—distributing literature over the entire month of May.

2020 may be over, but the effects of COVID-19 continue to linger. The future seems confusing and uncertain and is leaving people feeling anxious and fearful. 50,000 copies of Hope For Troubled Times have been printed. Join the movement this May to share the hope of Jesus’ soon return with your community.

Share these videos with your church family

3 minute promo with a message from Pr Mark Finley
1 minute Impact Day promo

Social media assets, flyers and powerpoints for download

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NEW Australian & New Zealand edition

You can read the book ahead of time, while waiting to receive your copies to share.

“Give someone the courage to endure the challenges of life by gifting them this timely word. It will inspire them with the everlasting hope we have in our Lord Jesus.”

Eddie Tupai

“The on-going challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic are creating questions in people’s minds. How can I cope?  What is the future?  Where is their hope?  “Hope for Troubled Times” answers these questions in a relevant and Biblical way.  The current environment makes it easier to share such a significant book as this.”

Glenn Townend

“Humanity is heaving under the weight of uncertainty about what it means to live in the midst of a pandemic. This book is a gift of hope, an answer to our fears, and points to the One who is still in control.”

Lyndelle Peterson

The Australian and New Zealand Conferences together, have ordered over 50,000 copies of the book, and over 100,000 tracts to share the hope in Jesus. Thank you for your support of this mission project. The book is planned to be delivered to the Conferences by the end of April ready for distribution in the month of May – specifically for the Impact Day on Sabbath May 15th.

The production of this book and tract has been subsidised with funding from the Literature Ministry Committee to support the church’s focus on providing resources for church members, churches and church entities to share in their communities.

*Please check with your Pastor for Conference advice regarding organised activities during COVID-19.

Suggested script for sharing the Hope for Troubled Times book in your community:


Hello, how are you today? My name is ____________ from your local _____________ Adventist church and we are offering this book as a special gift (hand book over) on hope and wellness.  

Introduction with prayer

Hello, how are you today? My name is ____________ from your local _____________Adventist church and we are offering this book as a special gift (hand book over) on hope and wellness. We like to keep our community in prayer. Is there anything specific you would like us to add to our prayer list?

eTract for sharing online

Book offer for sharing online