Great Controversy

Four Ways to Share Hope

A local plan for a worldwide project

You are encouraged to join the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist project to share millions of copies of Ellen White’s The Great Controversy. We have four ways you can share:

Share the book

Now more than ever is an opportune time to share the reasons why, as Seventh-day Adventists, we have such hope while human hearts are failing. The overarching biblical story of the ‘Conflict of the Ages’ as shared in The Great Controversy lifts Jesus high and reminds of His promise to return. We want you to prayerfully consider sharing a full version of The Great Controversy personally with a family member, friend, work colleague and acquaintance.

Share the sharing book

Share more widely The Great Hope, a smaller booklet with selections from The Great Controversy, which will include an invitation to receive a copy of the complete book in print, digital or audio formats, as well as other offers.

Share the tract

Share A Guy on a Bike, a tract telling the story of literature evangelist Phillip Reekie and the impact of The Great Controversy. The tract will be produced for broader sharing in your community with offers for readers to request the larger book in various formats.

Support the video series

You can contribute to the production of a six-part video series that explores the themes of The Great Controversy in a modern and engaging style. Donations are tax deductible.


Until Dec 7

Open for orders


Production and printing


Distribution to conferences and churches


Churches share with their communities

Individuals can place their order through their local church to take advantage of the Conference bulk discount price.

Bulk order via your Conference

  • Combine your church’s order with that of other churches in your Conference for a cheaper price. Place your church’s order using the button below, or contact your Personal Ministries director or Literature Ministry leader.
  • Minimum combined Conference order of 30 cartons.
  • Single bulk delivery to a Conference office or Literature Ministry leader.
  • Single invoice to the Conference for the total cost of all orders.
PricingAustralia/New ZealandNew Zealand
The Great ControversyAU $55 per carton of 10 books, excluding GST, including shippingAU $55 per carton of 10 books, excluding GST/VAT, plus shipping
The Great HopeAU $65 per carton of 50 books, excluding GST, including shippingAU $65 per carton of 50 books, excluding GST/VAT, plus shipping
A Guy on a BikeAU $6 per pack of 100 tracts, excluding GST, including shippingAU $6 per pack of 100 tracts, excluding GST/VAT, plus shipping

Order directly

  • Pay by credit card
  • Posted directly to you
  • Minimum order is 1 carton
  • Available within Australia only


  • The Great Controversy — AU $83.60 per carton of 10 books, including GST and shipping
  • The Great Hope — AU $110 per carton of 50 books, including GST and shipping

Deadline for orders is Wednesday 30th November, 2022

Looking for ideas on how to get started sharing literature in the community?