Advent For Kids

Why Jesus’ Birth is the Best News

A sharing book for families for the Christmas season.

  • 31 readings, conversations and activities that can be used daily across the month of December.
  • Exploring the story of the birth of Jesus and why He matters, focusing on the seasonal interest in this story.
  • Adapted from Advent for children and young readers aged 5 to 12, with “How To” guides for use as a family with parents and carers.
  • A companion book to Advent, following the same themes each day and designed to sit together on a bookshelf.
  • Adapted by an experienced educator, school chaplain and children’s book author for age-appropriate engagement with the story of the birth of Jesus.
  • Downloadable activities for many of the days offering further engagement.
  • Full-size book for gifting, 112 pages, with an illustration for each reading.
  • Includes invitations for further exploration of the story of Jesus and a dedicated web page for further links and offers.

How to share this book during this Christmas season:

  • Follow up for families that received Advent last year to engage with this story again and share it with their children.
  • Give Advent and Advent for Kids together to appeal to the whole family—and prompt parents to read the original book to equip them for sharing with their kids.
  • Gifts for family, friends and community members.
  • Gifts for visitors at community Christmas events or Christmas worship services.
  • Gifts for staff at church institutions or networks.
  • End-of-year gift for families at church schools.
  • Offer of free giveaway on church websites.
  • Gifts for community members on your contact list.
  • Use as resource for sermon, study series or kids’ programs in local churches during month of December.

The development of this sharing resource was funded by the Literature Ministry Committee.

Advent for Kids and an additional printing of Advent are planned to be available in early November to allow for distribution and use in the lead-up to the Christmas season.

Please check with your Conference. They can advise if they plan to coordinate bulk orders or if you need to order directly.

Bulk orders via your Conference

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  • Single bulk delivery to a Conference office/Literature Ministry leader.
  • Single invoice to the Conference for the total cost of all orders.
  • Pricing subject to minimum order totals for each book.

Pricing – Australia

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  • Free shipping for orders of 500 books (total) or more

Pricing – New Zealand

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Direct orders

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Pricing – Australia

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Deadline for orders is Monday 4th October, 2021