Student Literature Evangelism


Each year, more than 30,000 young people and students globally spend their long school holiday breaks in evangelism through literature. Available in Australia and New Zealand.

What is involved?

Do I need to memorise a canvass?

Yes. A short paragraph canvass is written for each book that you sell. Often the Holy Spirit directs our words and gives us the right words to say, but first time Student LEs must memorise a short canvass before being taken to the door by their SLE leader.

What are the costs to join the Student Literature Evangelist team?

No up-front fee is required to attend the program. Students receive a commission from donations raised, minus book, food and fuel expenses.


If you want to join a national Student LE event, complete the online application form.

To organise a student literature evangelism club in your institution, you may contact your local Conference or the Adventist Media Literature Ministry Coordinator.